Gaggle Connect

Before the crowd, there was a gaggle… started as a research project at Surrey Business School, Gaggle Connect is an interactive forum to develop project ideas through crowdsourcing– whether business, community, funding or just fun.

The key to any great project is participation so Gaggle Connect enables you to connect directly with an initial digital crowd or gaggle to shape the project to reflect your shared vision. The more you engage the crowd, the more they will support the project and share it with their social reach.

Have a project idea? Then create a project with details about what you would like to achieve and how you would like to do it; all posts and up-dates will automatically be shared with your digital crowd;

Like an idea? Then sign in to “honk” support or leave feedback to help crowdsourcing for the project; you will then receive up-dates which you can share with your social media network to spread the word;

If projects reach their target crowdsourcing support, a message is sent out to your social reach while the projects can “fly” by migrating to a crowdfunding site or “swim” if launched directly without crowdfunding.   Gaggle Connect would like to help your projects succeed and possibly change the world…


Joe Gaggle


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