Gaggle Connect 2.0

Posted on 8th August 2018 in Community

Joe is delighted to share with you the latest and greatest up-date of Gaggle Connect, a tool to be used wisely and widely to connect with your digital crowd about a neat project idea.

Use Gaggle Connect to build a following for your project where they can sign in to show their support and to receive up-dates. Interact with them through comments and up-dates to get feedback about how to make your project even better.

Joe Gaggle will also provide support through Bloggles and a Gaggl-e Newsletter to help you build your social reach even further. You can connect with Joe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When you are ready, then migrate to a crowdfunding platform to launch your campaign. The initial digital crowd built on Gaggle Connect can help your project fly.

Joe Gaggle


Eve Cotton
Eve Cotton

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