Crowdfunding Season is Open- Week 1

Posted on 8th October 2018 in

Projects are up and running… the past week has seen 5 different teams get together to set team roles including Project Coordinators, Digital Coordinators, Event Planners, and Corporate Sponsor Coordinators as well as to set up Joe’s Digital Team.

Each team is now busy setting up their project page and building their crowds. So far, Theatre Society has some enthusiastic support while Action for Children is replying to supporter comments.  See the project summary below.

Over the next week, teams will continue to build social networks and identify crowds. Team members should be sharing links, creating content and events and inviting the crowd to be part of the journey.

Joe’s Digital Team manage Joe’s digital profile so they will be busy too. They post and re-post project posts in co-ordination with project digital coordinators as well as share tips & tricks for crowdfunding.  They will also choose a weekly recipient for the Golden Egg award given to the most inspirational crowdfunder across the different projects to be highlighted in the next newsletter.

I can’t wait.

Wildlife Aid Foundation team hard at work


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