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‘Part of the Night’ project

Part of the night team uploaded a really informative video. In this video you can learn more about their purpose and how the Project Leader came up with the idea of the camppaign!

See more info on the link:


‘Action for Children’ project

Action for Children project organised an offline event at University of Surrey library to gain support for their campaign and they reach 300+ supporters. They also uploaded a video in which you can learn more information about their campaign!

See more info on the link:


‘The ROWed to Henley’ project

The team visited the University of Surrey Boat Club to meet the players and learn more about the needs that the society has.

See more info on the link:


‘Homes 4 Hedgehogs’ project

On Friday 26th October the team went to Wildlife Aid Foundation. They have taken a lot of picture and they also shared a video with their supporters.

See more info on the link:


‘USSU Theatre Society’ project

The theatre society team managed to gain more than 400+ supporters on Gaggleconnect!!

They created their own Social Media! You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter  and  Instagram and see their latest updates!

Facebook: Crowdfunding for USSU Theatre Society


Instagram: @THESOC_project

See more info on the link:



Don’t forget we have “Crowdfunding Launch Party!” today at AP 03-04, 6.00 – 8.00 pm

and if more than 100 people show up this evening everyone will have free pizza!


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