Why Social Media Metrics are important for your campaign?

Posted on 15th October 2018 in

As digital coordinators develop their social media networks, they need to track user experience to see if users are engaged and how they are engaged.  The summary below for first full week on Gaggle Connect shows some promise as well as challenges.

Theatre Society and Part of the Night have generated a significant amount of views. The conversion rate of views into supporters is also a key milestone to the sucess of your project.

Similarly, digital coordinators should follow the timeline to see when the project appears to have the most activity.  After this point the feedback of the metricsshould be shared with  all the members of the team.

In turn, the project team should focus on how they can raise engagement for supporters.  Do events contribute to this?   Or Funny pictures?  Conversations?  Each project will be different but everyone should be focused on raising awareness.

How can you do it?  A good place to start is the project page– is it accurate?  Do you provide your supporters with valid information of your project? Does your page inspire others to come back it?  If not, then you should probably find a way to make it more interesting and dynamic!










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