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Posted on 22nd November 2018 in

A quick summary of all the campaigns until now…!

FANTASTIC work by our MSc Students until now! Maintaining the momentum in crowdfunding is much like surfing – it requires a bit of luck to catch the perfect wave, but once it comes your way it is up to your skills if you will be able to ride on the top of it.

The campaigns have shown some great skills to come this far, but there are a few methods in which they can maintain their success. These are as follows:

  1. Post updates throughout the campaign
  2. Promote your campaign offline
  3. Ask for feedback, this will be great to show what methods are most effective and validate your idea
  4. Research previous successful campaigns

For more information on the campaigns:

Warren Park – Sensory Splash Pad –

The ROWed to Henly-

Homes 4 Hedgehogs–

Attempts on Her Life-

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