The 2nd Golden Egg Winner!

Posted on 20th November 2018 in

We are very delighted to announce the winner of our next Prestigious Golden Award; Our talentful crowdfunder “Sheljid Aliyar”, a student from MSc Entrepreneurship!

He is a part of the corporate sponsorship team of ‘Homes4Hedgehogs’ crowdfunding project. He and his team were really eager to find sponsorship, and finally, he managed to bring them…’Pizza Hut’!

Let’s take a look at his journey :

Being assigned to approach Pizza Hut for the crowdfunding launch party last month, he visited the local pizza hut branch where he was able to meet the branch manager and present their crowdfunding project!  Asking for their support, with his outstanding traits, the manager helped Homes4Hedgehogs with 50 of half-price discounting vouchers as rewards for their project!

What are his outstanding crowdfunding skills? He is eager, patient and hardworking, effective communicator with developed persuasive skills!

We hope that his story might inspire and motivate you to work harder and achieve your goal!

The Golden Egg Award is here to highlight your crowdfunding skills.

Are you the next who wins the golden egg award?

Joe’s Digital Team

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