Announcing the Golden Egg Winner

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Hi everyone,

We are delighted to say congratulations to “Poppy Ravan” from ‘Action for Children’ crowdfunding project, the Golden Egg Winner!. She and her team are really enthusiastic and work hard to make their project success.

What she have done so far as below :

  • She sorted out a mailchimp account and created flyers with the media team.
  • She ran the first event and helped build our support list.
  • She went to warren park, took photos and videos, and wrote the first bloggle.
  • She organised bake sale, contacted schools and did all the design work for the bake sale.
  • She wrote the corporate brief for the operate sponsorship team with the list of rewards

With her outstanding traits, these are why she was awarded the Golden Egg :

  • She is enthusiastic.
  • She is patient and hardworking.
  • She is an effective communicator.
  • She is responsible.
  • She is well-organised.

Remain in touch!

Joe’s Digital Team

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