“Attempts On Her Life” key ingredient for their success!

Posted on 19th November 2018 in

Almost 3 weeks after the crowdfunding launch party and the Theatre Society has almost reached their goal!

Once again, the really active theatre team has taken part in crowdfunding in order to raise £1,100 to support production & costume expenses for their annual mainstage play “Attempts On Her Life”.

Through this crowdfunding journey, they managed to build a really strong initial crowd through our platform “Gaggle Connect” with more than 400 active supporters!

But their achievements don’t finish here! They won our first crowdfunding competition, sponsored by MR Solution Ltd., winning £200 for having the highest number of supporters at that time! But how they did that? The key ingredient in their success recipe is related to their effort to organise their crowd, build a strong relationship with them providing them with regular updates for their project as well as organising events to increase awareness and pledges! What is more, they created a really inspiring video in order to engage their supporters for their goal and welcome everyone to Surrey University’s Theatre Society!

Stay tuned for their upcoming event at the University Library Hall on Thursday 22nd!


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