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To begin with we want to congratulate the ‘Action for Children’ campaign, who are the winners of the ‘MR Solutions Ltd’ prize of £300. This was awarded to the team as a result of their 116 supporters gained. Their current amount is well over £800!


But good news don’t stop here! All 4 projects are really starting to gain momentum. Here’s a breakdown of how things so far, along with some key methods used:


  • ‘Action for Children’- £831: Great use of graphics on social media, allowing users to see the importance of their pledges.


  • ‘The ROWed to Henley’ Project- £1082: Constant display of the boating team on social media. Displaying the ‘personal touch’ of this campaign has helped to increase pledges.


  • ‘Homes 4 Hedgehogs’ Project- £552: Great use of emotional appeal on social media. Encouraging donations through making users feel sympathy for the hedgehogs


  • ‘The USSU Theatre’ Project- £669: Excellent use of existing network to drive donations from both local community and international supporters.


The campaigns are doing great, but in order to achieve their final goals, they need your help!! Be part of something great! Check out the links below for more information, and follow the instructions on how to donate. Have a great weekend!!!

“Action for Children” project


“Homes 4 Hedgehogs” project


“The ROWed to Henley” project


“USSU Theatre Society” project


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