How to “Thank” your Sponsors!

Posted on 29th November 2018 in

The Mini Crowdfunding competition, sponsored by NatWest, goes on!! Since Monday, the competition has really pushed each team into another gear!

Our MSc Students for Homes4Hedgehogs and Rowed to Henley, recognising NatWest’s contribution to their campaigns, decided to actively express their gratitude!

Through their visit to the local NatWest branch in Guildford, they informed customers and managers about their aim and how they can support them through Crowdfunder platform as well as created videos and captured photographs in order to keep their crowd updated!

It is always important to express your gratitude to your corporate sponsor as a reward for their support, providing them with publicity and highlighting their high corporate social responsibility to their customers.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the NatWest Mini-Crowdfunding Competition!


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