NatWest Mini-Crownfunding Challenge!

Posted on 21st November 2018 in

Three weeks already after launching the projects on Crowdfunder and it’s now time… for our Second Mini Crowdfunding Competition!

NatWest, a bank with high Corporate Social Responsibility, recognising the crowdfunding skills our students have developed so far and how inspiring their campaigns are, is sponsoring once again our crowdfunding journey!

‘The NatWest Mini-Crowdfunding Challenge’ will be launched on Monday 26th, 8:00 am until Friday 30th, 18.00 pm and will offer:

£250 to the campaign which raises the highest amount of money during that period, among the 4 campaigns in the table! All of them have a different but really inspiring aim. Help them win the competition!

It would be a great opportunity for every team to improve their crowdfunding skills and use many techniques to conquer this competition (e.g. event planning, sponsorships, digital activity in social media, create unique content to inspire crowd with the idea, update and develop rewards)!





“Action for Children” project

“Homes 4 Hedgehogs” project

“The ROWed to Henley” project

“USSU Theatre Society” project

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