3 Things #YouWishYouKnew Before Launching Your Campaign!

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Hey Gagglers, it’s been quite a journey for our 4 teams, having 2 of our campaigns reaching their goal!

Continue reading and find out the 3 things #YouWishYouKnew before launching your crowdfunding campaign!

  1. Before launching on crowdfunder, all four campaigns were already showing essential crowdfunding skills. From early October, there was activity on all social media platforms and a continuous effort to build their crowdfunding crowd. By posting appealing content, such as photos and videos, the teams were able to build a strong social media presence around their campaign, keeping their supporters updated and engaged as a key part for a successful crowdfunding launch. Having organised your crowd before even launching your campaign will help you create validation for your project.
  2. After the launch, the teams continued to build on their momentum. Besides the frequent posts on social media, taking advantage of all the different opportunities provided by the social media platforms (posting videos, polls, events, Gifs, using # or tags), they also put effort building their physical presence. They showed great use of initiative and creativity by organising stalls and crowdfunding events (e.g. bake/cake sales, netball competition). Through the events, not only they encouraged donations, but it was a great way of raising awareness to hundreds of people within just a couple of hours (validation). Consequently, days after the events, the campaigns continued to see an increase in their donations as a result of word-of-mouth generated.
  3. For all our campaigns, one of the most important thing that helped them succeed their aim was their well-organised sponsorship reward system. Corporate sponsorships play a significant role in a campaign, yet they require a really organised effort by the sponsorship team. The most appealing reward for a sponsor is publicity. Having built your social media presence and a strong crowd, you can convince businesses to support your aim by providing them back publicity in your network!

Following these three key steps, almost all our crowdfunding campaigns reached their aim! However, the most important part of this crowdfunding journey was for all our Students to understand how crowdfunding works and how it can highly contribute as a way of validating the idea and raising funds!

See you soon with more tips and tricks in our next Crowdfunding Experience!

Joe’s Digital Team

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