Action For Children are NatWest Champions!

Posted on 1st December 2018 in

Hey Gagglers,

Unfortunately… The Natwest Mini Crowdfunding Challenge has come to an end!

However, on the bright side, we have a WINNER!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Action For Children on bagging the £250 prize sponsored by NatWest!!!!

The Action for Children team showed some real inspiration! They demonstrated new and creative ways of raising donations in order to help enhance the facilities at Warren Park and win the competition. This included the organisation of a cake sale which not only drove donations, but gave them the opportunity to give face-to-face information on the campaign, helping to raise awareness through word of mouth. As well as this, they also created a thank you video to Natwest for sponsoring the competition, this helped raise awareness to the fact that they were involved in a competition, as well as demonstrating an essential part crowdfunding- saying thank you. They managed to raise £370 for 30th of November at 18.00 pm as well as a MASSIVE £500 sponsorship that was paid directly by the organisation!!!

Well done to all teams for their effort and NatWest for supporting their effort!

But it doesn’t end there, all the teams need your help to reach their goal! Even the smallest donation can make the biggest difference!












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