Events for a Successful Crowdfunding

Posted on 3rd December 2018 in

Sharing your message on your social media pages or your landing page will certainly drive some attention to your campaign and potentially increase your supporters and your pledges. However, besides digital presence, events can play an important role in the success of your crowdfunding project and in your level of engagement with your crowd.

During a crowdfunding campaign, there are three different stages that events can highly contribute.

  1. Before the Crowdfunding Launch: Building a crowdfunding campaign might be really challenging, especially when it comes to crowd building. However, Crowdfunding Launch Parties can be really successful as you will have the opportunity to create awareness for your campaign in your effort to engage more supporters. During this year, all the campaigns had a strong presence during our Launch Pizza Party event, presenting their goals to the participants and creating a word of mouth around their projects.
  2. During the Crowdfunding Campaign: While your campaign is live on the crowdfunding platform, events can play a significant role in terms of a personal relationship with your supporters. Creating that kind of connection, you will be able to inspire them through a face to face conversation about the importance of your campaign and convince them why they need to support your effort. A great idea that has been successfully implemented by almost all the campaigns this year is the “Cake Sale Events”. By attracting people and selling some products for your cause, you are creating awareness and increase your pledges at the same time. Action for Children has done an inspiring good effort, gathering several supporters and more than £250, only from two events!
  3. After the Crowdfunding Campaign: By hosting crowdfunding events at the end of your campaign, you will be able to show people where their money will go and of course express your gratitude for their support. Events can also help you to retain a great relationship and trust with your supporters for your future crowdfunding projects!

A Crowdfunding event is all about creating personal interactions, spread your message and create validation and trust. Follow the steps above and see your crowdfunding campaigns fly!

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