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From the first day, ‘Home4Hedgehogs’ project team is so concerned about our hedgehogs and desiring to save them from the regrettably extinction by raising up to £12000. Also, they are working with Wild Life Aid Foundation (WAF) to build hedgehogs’ shelter for the next coming winter season. To achieve the goal, their team has created interesting events to get attraction from their crowds as have shown below:

Let’s take a seat and see what they have done to build their crowds so far:

2 Cake sales events, the delicious desserts for hedgehogs at the library

They worked really hard to make this event happened. Not only they could receive a good response from their crowds, but also they could raise more than £400. For their success from these events, their dream will come true!



For the corporate sponsorship team, they were able to acquire generous contribution from Pizza Hut with 50% off vouchers for those of their crowds who donate £5 each. They also were able to acquire a massive £200 from Argeela to make them one more step closer to their goal.

See What their team have done: https://gaggleconnect.com/2018/11/announcing-the-2nd-golden-egg-winner/

Before we leave, They would like to invite all of you to join the coming event tomorrow at the library. Gel Nails Event is where you can do nails and donate for our hedgehogs.


P.S. Every 1 Plegde counts to save our hedgehogs!


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