How They’ve Done It: ‘Attempts On Her Life’

Posted on 7th December 2018 in

The ‘Attempts on her life’ campaign has been non-stop right from the beginning. They are currently the most successful campaign, raising 90% of their £1100 goal. Lets tell you bit more about what they’ve done and how they’ve done it!

MR Solutions Prize- Determination, Creativity, Initiative

Being the first competition, made victory even more sweeter! They were awarded £200 as a result of achieving the most amount of campaign supporters! Being early on in the campaign, this didn’t come easy… They were able to achieve this through sheer determination of ensuring everyone knew about their campaign. One way this was demonstrated was by literally taking over social media, with the use of both, personal and campaign accounts, they were able to use their initiative in order to ensure people from a range of different locations 100% knew about their campaign. It was found that supporters even came from as far as THAILAND! In order to make this happen, the team had to be really creative in order to capture the attention of anyone and everyone!


£400 Sponsorship- Networking, Using Connections

Sometimes help may be closer than you think! This was shown through the combination of Bulgarian & Russian speakers society with Theatre! As a result of this combination, the campaign landed a massive £400 in sponsorship! Not only was this good work, but it also teaches us a valuable lesson about crowdfunding. The key to this success was down to the crucial networking conducted by the the sponsorship team. They were able to spot an opportunity amongst their connections at university, which landed a prize that is still their biggest yet. Let this success story teach you one thing: Sometimes it is better to stop to see what is around you, as the key to a successful campaign may be right in front of you.

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