The journey of ROWed to Henly

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The intention of ‘The ROWed to Henly campaign’ is to gather money for the University of Surrey Boating Club(USBC) to participate in the Royal Henly Regatta. The campaign raised 64% of the total with 82 supporters.

The campaign team went to Molesey Boating Club where the USBC team is practising, to interview boating athletes and created a video to connect to the supporters.  The sponsorship team approached various firms in High Street and posted the campaign’s flyers to publicise the campaign.


The campaign organised a cake sale at the university in partnership with Fresco DeliKafessen and raised about £55. An interesting fact is that the owner of Fresco is an alumnus of the University of Surrey which is the actual crowd of the campaign. Additionally, he was generous enough to offer 15% discount coupons to everyone supporting USBC.

The sponsorship team met IFixGadgets and explained to them the essence of the campaign. They agreed to support the project and offered 25% discount to everyone supporting the campaign. In return, the campaign publicised the company thereby increasing the footfall of the company’s website.

The team also approached Nando’s and the restaurant gave a voucher worth £20. The voucher was used as a reward for the winner of the raffle conducted by the campaign. When one donates for the project within a limited period of time, they enter into the raffle. This raffle was targeted at students as they are regular users of restaurants.

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