What “Action for Children” has accomplished so far!

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19 days left until the end of their Crowdfunding Campaign and the members do their best to pursue their goal! Having already raised £2657 the team is committed and do their best to attract the attention of their crowd by constantly planning new events. Making a priceless, personal connection with new and existing supporters at a larger is important for them.

But let’s see some highlights of what they have done until now…

3 Cake Sales with the most recent one taking place on a Local Christmas Event in Cobham.

They managed to raise £131.38!

If you missed one of their cake sales don’t worry! You can have the opportunity to taste their delicious homemade cupcakes and biscuits on their upcoming Christmas Event which will take place at Surbiton High School on Friday 7th of December at 4 pm.


And there is more…

The campaign made a team and they are going to play on the Netball Charity Match at 4.15 pm that the school organised! The team will compete with parents, staff and the school’s netball team.

Today the campaign completed their first workout for the Netball Match on Surrey’s Sports Park. The workout was a huge success and they can’t wait to defeat their opponents!

Apart from the event planning the sponsorship team was able the previous week to acquire a massive £500 sponsorship from Eden Walk’s Shopping Centre in Kingston! Other recent sponsorships that they managed to receive were from Expo Knit International (£200), Loom Home Textiles (£100) and Fusion Corporation (£200).  They are currently creating a video showing a valuable reminder of their gratitude.




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