Why every Startup should host a Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted on 10th December 2018 in

Have you ever wondered how other campaigns fund their ideas? Below, you can find  the key reasons why you should start

  1. Validation of the idea: In other words having someone take their wallet out & pay for something that doesn’t even exist yet. If they are willing to do this then you know that you have created an actual entrepreneurship opportunity.
  2. No financial risk: Crowdfunding, comparing to other ways of raising capital, has no risk as it gives you a way to access capital for bringing your idea to life without putting personallife at risk or giving up equity.
  3. Tell your story: By creating your crowdfunding campaign, besides creating validation for your idea, you are able to build your initial crowd and share with them your vision and your story.
  4. Promotion & Marketing: Crowdfunding platfroms are the ideal way to promote your campaign as they have already organic traffic.

Crowdfunding is not the fast path to cash. If your only interest is in making money, or you’re not interested in putting the work in up front, then crowdfunding is not a good idea.

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