Who cooked?

Posted on 6th March 2020 in

We got our first Golden Egg Winner!!
Yayyy!!! 💪

The winner is someone who has been doing things which are out of the comfort zone. We feel that the extra effort put in the work deserves an applause.

Let’s see what the person has to say.

Richy, from the campaign Blades of Glory, is working hard behind the curtains to make a difference by creating engaging posts on their Social Media pages and by going to the High Street and securing Corporate Sponsors.

Richy went out of his way to create funny and engaging content on Gaggle Connect to keep audiences engaged and draw people in to the story of rowing , his work with the team has been detailed and insightful. He has a can do attitude and has taken every task on head on which makes him a great team player who is keen to see our campaign succeed.

He is our first Most Inspiring Crowdfunder.

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