Gaggle Connect

Developed by faculty and students at Surrey Business School, Gaggle Connect is a tool to help project creators build an initial digital crowd for crowdfunding campaigns.

On Gaggle Connect, you create project pages where backers can register their support for projects by signing in with email details; they can make comments and also share the project through social media. In turn, you can share up-dates and communicate with backers to make sure that the project meets your mutual vision before launching a crowdfunding campaign.

Joe Gaggle also lends a hand. By connecting to him through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can make your digital crowd even bigger. He also posts Bloggles with tips and tricks for crowdfunding and sends out a Gaggl-e News Letter with the latest news on projects.

When ready, migrate the project from Gaggle Connect to a crowdfunding platform and notify your backers including Joe about the launch of your crowdfunding campaign. Your initial digital crowd can make your crowdfunding campaign fly.

How it Works

Start your Project now

Creating your first project is easy! You will need to set your backers goal, fill in your project information and it will be ready to be shared with the world.

Discover new projects now

There’s always new projects that need your support on GaggleConnect. Browse all recent projects, discover by categories or topics.