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Back the Bike

Back the Bike

The University of Surrey is now one of the five finalists in the Santander Cycles University Challenge. Santander Universities Challenge gives our University the opportunity to design and launch our own personalised cycle hire s chem e.

We are now going to head to head with the four other universities, to Crowdfund the funds needed to launch this s chem e.

The University is a pioneer of sustainable transport. It has succeeded in promoting green and sustainable methods of transport, which is one of our core responsibilities. Bringing in more bikes will not only help us reduce traffic but will also help us maintain our beautiful campus and green spaces throughout Guildford.

Whilst bikes are a popular mode of transport with many students and staff. The scheme offers an exciting opportunity to extend bike use to infrequent users and to effectively connect the two campuses and the Guildford community.

To be in with a chance of winning, we need to come together to raise £51,000 to get our project off the shelf and onto the road. The two universities that achieve the highest percentage above their fundraising target will receive the support of Santander to pedal the scheme onto their campuses.

The reason the University is so passionate about bring the scheme to Guildford is due to the expansion of the University and the community. As we grow we want to make sure our university has sustainable cycling infrastructure. We have already committed to this process with our significant investment in making the University a Bike Friendly Campus.

The Santander Cycles University Challenge has therefore come at an ideal time and has presented the opportunity to revolutionise how our staff, students and visitors could travel between site and around the town.

Don’t puncture our dream, instead help us get into gear. See you on the cycle path to victory!

1st October 2017
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Back the bike


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This is a great project

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Great project

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