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Canoe Polo – Essential Kit

Canoe Polo – Essential Kit

We at the University of Surrey canoe club are constantly improving in our rankings and skill in the sport of canoe polo. Because of this, the kit we have is extremely old, out dated and frankly almost dangerous to use as it is way past its

sell by date. We have tried all avenues to get funding for new kit from the university to no avail. We want to bring division 1 of the national canoe polo to Surrey and already have started this process. Also this year we have 3 teams that will be competing at BUCS (British University colleges sport) as such we do not have even enough kit to cover one team let alone 3.

Due to all this, we are fundraising so we can get the essential kit needed, which is the buoyancy aids, and Cags (waterproof splash tops for playing outside).

We need at least 2 teams worth of buoyancy aids otherwise competing will be very difficult. This is a total of 16 buoyancy aids and also need a total of 16 Cags.

Not only is this kit essential but it would mean our team looks and feels united and will spur them on to play harder, paddle faster and win more.

With your support, we will be able to develop into the best national canoe polo team out there!

1st October 2017
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Canoe Polo – Essential Kit


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