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Fencing – Metal Piste

Fencing – Metal Piste

The University of Surrey Fencing Club’s premiership level teams fence at the highest level of BUCS. However, when we host matches in the premiership level we need to hire metal pistes in order for the teams to fence. As you can imagine this can be quite costly, which is why we want to get a metal piste of our own.

Having just been given the space in the sports park we can now get a piste for competition use, something we can use in all our home games for all four of our competing teams and in training sessions, meaning that our teams will be more successful when they have to compete on these pistes. The piste will also be used when we host our bi-annual 24hr fencing marathon, in which we raise money for various charities. With your support we will be able to host higher level competitions and enable our fencers to achieve more.

1st October 2017
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Fencing – Metal Piste


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