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Homes 4 Hedgehogs

Homes 4 Hedgehogs
Surrey, England, GB

Our crowdfunding has started!

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Wildlife Aid Foundation is in need of your help to save the Hedgehogs!

PROJECT AIM: To help raise funds for Wildlife Aid Foundation in order to support the rehabilitation of Britain’s favorite mammal, the Hedgehogs!

We are a family of post-graduate students studying Entrepreneurship in the University of Surrey who wants to help our spiky cuties. The Wildlife Aid Foundation constantly receives endless calls to rescue injured hedgehogs stuck in drain pipelines. The hedgehogs are then cared and rehabilitated in the hospitals before they are released back into the wild or given a new home by an adopter.

However, it takes a vast amount of expensive resources to nurture our spiky and lovely mammals back into good shape. With winter just around the corner, we are currently in need of more funds to help build shelters for the hedgehogs.


  • Shed Foundation Setup – £1,440
  • Insulation Panels – £500
  • Hog Cages – £3,500
  • Orphan Pens – £840
  • Air Conditioning Units – £1,200
  • Shed Utilities – £1,600
  • Winter Feed Costs – £2,000
  • Foundation Resources – £420

Please make a donation to help us provide food, shelter, and warmth for the Hedgehogs.Our spiky friends require an immense amount of specialized food which is very expensive to provide as well as a proper heated environment to keep them warm this winter. Every pound you give will help us save more wildlife.

Our crowdfunder page will commence on the 30th of October, so till then, have a lovely day ahead and please do come back when we kick-start the campaign!

“If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to share things that they love” – Steve Irwin

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7th October 2018
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Wildlife Aid Foundation, Kiettiphong Kunaksorn
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