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Part of the Night

Part of the Night

Conventional wisdom says a woman shouldn’t go out alone at night. But it’s 2018 and Part of the Night wants to change that.

Part of the Night is a start-up theatre company that aims to make nightlife spaces such as bars, pubs and clubs safe, fun and exciting spaces for women by populating them with theatrical events. We take stories by, for, and about women, and turn them into interactive theatrical experiences that inspire audiences to participate.

Part of the Night offers a safe environment whereby people, especially women, can come together, socialise and enjoy great theatrical entertainment within night time venues. You don’t need a group of friends to come along; Part of the Night is all about inspiring women to take a risk and step outside their comfort zone, hence solo entertainment-seekers are actively encouraged.

You can help us make Part of the Night become a reality by supporting our campaign, spreading the word on social media and helping us to raise the start-up costs needed for our first production.

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8th October 2018
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Part of the Night, Jessica Bickel-Barlow
Part of the Night


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