TreeLink: Planting trees in Uganda for a better quality of life
Project created by Warisra Suwankijkorn
How can you provide food to children in Uganda? How can you ...
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Project created by PROJECT CREATOR University of Surrey
- Why do you have to buy, when you can borrow?Who WE ...
Aphitsara Pamato 19 supporters 23
Project created by Mohammed Ali
Who are we and what do we do?Cherry Trees is a small ...
Mohammed Ali 20 supporters 36
Blades of Glory
Project created by Vitchapon Ngouvisitkul
OverviewThe University of Surrey Boat Club (USBC) and a team of MSc ...
Univeristy of Surrey 7 supporters 5
Surrey, England, GB
Project created by Emily Blackley
Challengers needs your support to bring disabled young people in Guildford and ...
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Joy Beyond Sight
Project created by Chonthicha Niltrakarnkun
WHO WE ARE and WHAT  WE DO?We are a team of  Post-graduate ...
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Surrey, England, GB
Life is being OUTDOORS
Project created by Hannah
Improve the outdoor learning  at Wood Street Infant SchoolWho are we?We are ...
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Surrey, England, GB
Test Project
Project created by Joe Gaggle
This is a test project to see if the project form still ...
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Homes 4 Hedgehogs
Project created by Kiettiphong Kunaksorn
Our crowdfunding has started!Please Donate for our cause at LINK----------------------------------------------------Wildlife Aid Foundation ...
Kiettiphong Kunaksorn 323 supporters 215
Surrey, England, GB
The ROWed to Henley
Project created by University of Surrey Boat Club
USBC has the athletes and the programme but not the boat. Please ...
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