Trees4Uganda: Plant for the future
Project created by Guildford-Mukono Link
Deforestation and climate change are two main issues on the planet today. ...
Warisra Suwankijkorn 173 supporters 171
Project created by PROJECT CREATOR
  Why buy, when you can borrow?Who WE ARE and What WE ...
Aphitsara Pamato 177 supporters 115
Project created by Mohammed Ali
Who are we and what do we do?We are students studying MSc ...
Mohammed Ali 58 supporters 80
Blades of Glory
Project created by Vitchapon Ngouvisitkul
OverviewThe University of Surrey Boat Club (USBC) and a team of MSc ...
University of Surrey Boat Club 207 supporters 148
Surrey, England, GB
Project created by Emily Blackley
Challengers needs your support to bring disabled young people in Guildford and ...
Emily Blackley 219 supporters 102
Joy Beyond Sight
Project created by Chonthicha Niltrakarnkun
WHO WE ARE and WHAT  WE DO?We are a team of Post-graduate ...
Chonthicha Niltrakarnkun 230 supporters 186
Surrey, England, GB
Life is OUTDOORS at Wood Street School
Project created by Hannah
Our crowdfunding has started!Please Donate on our cause at LINKImprove the outdoor ...
Sarah Persin 134 supporters 94
Surrey, England, GB
Homes 4 Hedgehogs
Project created by Kiettiphong Kunaksorn
Our crowdfunding has started!Please Donate for our cause at LINK----------------------------------------------------Wildlife Aid Foundation ...
Kiettiphong Kunaksorn 324 supporters 215
Surrey, England, GB
The ROWed to Henley
Project created by University of Surrey Boat Club
USBC has the athletes and the programme but not the boat. Please ...
Sophie Hossack 328 supporters 114
USSU Theatre Society presents Attempts On Her Life
Project created by Mason Stickland
The time has come again for USSU Theatre Society to put on ...
Mason Stickland 437 supporters 388