Project created by Guildford-Mukono Link
Trees4Uganda: Plant for the future
Deforestation and climate change are two main issues on the planet today. Can you help? The Guildford Mukono Link aims to raise money in order to plant trees in Mukono ...
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173 supporters 171
Project created by Mohammed Ali
Who are we and what do we do?We are students studying MSc Entrepreneurship and innovation management at the University of Surrey that works closely with Cherry Trees for this campaign. ...
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58 supporters 80
Project created by Emily Blackley
Challengers needs your support to bring disabled young people in Guildford and their families a BIGGER & BETTER SUMMER! WHO ARE WE?We are a group of MSc students from the ...
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Project created by Chonthicha Niltrakarnkun
Joy Beyond Sight
WHO WE ARE and WHAT  WE DO?We are a team of Post-graduate students studying Digital Media at University of Surrey.  Our project is a collaboration with Sight for Surrey, a ...
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230 supporters 186